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Humana People to People organizations also mobilise funding for development projects through transnational institutions, governments, foundations, UN agencies and private bestower in Europe, North America and Asia,DNS Angola. The relationships are based on genuine, distributed passions in creating development for people through at least one of the Humana People to People concepts. Networking among the Humana People to People organizations across continents creates a directly and meaningful relationship between individuals these very different regions of the globe.
Humana People to People has created a specific version
In Africa, Humana People to People has developed a particular version for these poor children named Children's Town. These are boarding schools with a full-time program, in which kids live as well as have classes in academic and useful life skills . The kids have counseling admission to encourage them to conquer difficulties within the past; all with the intention of granting the children lead a sound beneficial life later in life. Schools for children are arranged around basic education, constructive discipline and state administered examinations. As a general element of different schools they often find aims such as the development of every child to be an important element of and a participant in the national endeavor to get a much better future.